Sunshine RV Resort

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Sunshine RV Resort
303 SR 70 East
Lake Placid, Florida 33852
Office (863)465-4815
Toll Free (800)760-7270

E-mail: Sunshine@

A photo of our Front Entrance and Sign

Resort Entrance Sign.

This is our way of inviting you into our warm and friendly community.

A photo of Sunshine RV Resort's Fountain

Fountain and Front View of Office.

Come in and meet us.

Our Office Again.

Our Office Again.

Doing a Little Landscaping Upgrade

Doing a Little Landscaping Upgrade.

Sunshine RV Resort Pool view 4

Our Heated Pool is a Very Nice Place to ...

Sunshine RV Resort Pool view 1

Have a Relaxing Afternoon ...

Subshine RV Resort view 2

...Or A Invigorating Swim...

Sunshine RV Resort Pool view 3

...Or A Good Place to Meet With Friends.

Sunshine RV Resort Sand Hill Cranes feeding

Local Wildlife.

A Couple of Sand Hill Cranes.

Sand Hill Cranes feeding at Subnshine RV Resort

Sand Hill Cranes.